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time for a Tim Horton's session...

..let the insanity continue .o.

12 June
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Hmm...like many other people, I suck royally at writing bios so here's a buncha random info.

First of all, I'm veeeery creative. I love drawing, painting, photoshop, sewing, drama, singing, voice acting, pretty much anything artsy. xD

I'm a people person...most of the time. Once I get to know someone, I'm veeeery talkative ( sometimes too much ^-^; ).

Hrm. I love shopping ( typical, no? xD ), videogames and the internet. Yes. I am a massive nerd. So what? Just the average teenager. =p

La di da...I'm usually insanely happy or crazy but if you get on my bad side or get in messes with my friends... @_@ I turn mean. So let's not do that. xD

I'm romantically challeged. ugh.

I LOVE the summer. Love winter too. But not a fan of the cold. Though I do like the cold better than being TOO hot. Pepsi > Coke. Smarties > M&Ms.

The end. ^^